Dog owners fall foul in winter

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Kirkby residents have slammed dog owners for letting their dogs foul on the pavement and fields - and covering it with snow.

Many people have commented on social media about the ploy carried out by owners to prevent them having to pick up the dog mess.

Kirkby resident Dee Clarke said: “Why do some dog owners think it’s acceptable to leave their dogs mess in the middle of a path when it’s snowing and just cover it up.

“Do they really think that it’s going to melt with the snow?

“It’s disgusting and even worse when snow melts. They don’t deserve to be a dog owner.”

She said there were many instances of it on the path between Southwell Lane and Greenwood Drive. Owners can be fined up to £1,000 for not clearing up dog mess.

Ashfield District Council have planned a series of actions days are planned to help owners take responsibilty as well as a poster campaign with glow in the dark eyes, stating ‘we’re watching you’.

A spokeswoman said: “The initiatives aim to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pet. These include a series of action days taking place each month to promote responsible dog ownership.”

Patrols will also be increased.