Dog mess ruining Warsop

I LIVE in Warsop and take my two little dogs twice a day around Warsop and it really shocks me to see so much dog mess on our pavements.

Are the dog owners in Warsop so irresponsible that they allow their dog to mess all on the pavement then just walk off?

These people are either low-lifes and don’t care about the place they live in and don’t mind having dog mess all over their shoes and walked into their homes or maybe they can’t bend down.

You can’t blame the dogs, it’s the owners. How ashamed I would be if I left dog mess on the pavements, but these people obviously don’t care and are probably not intelligent enough to understand the dangers of dog mess and children.

If you are one of the owners who leaves mess on our streets, get rid of your dog as you are not fit to own a dog and be a responsible dog owner.

It’s the same old story, us that do clean up after our dogs get tarred with the same brush as these people.

Come on people of Warsop, do we really want to live in such a mess? You can use a carrier bag or get free (yes, free) dog bags from the council, so why do you just leave it for others to tread in, were you brought up or dragged up?


Bainbridge Road,


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