Doctor who saved young mum’s life... three times

Jade Worboys with her son Bentley and her mum Susan Williams.
Jade Worboys with her son Bentley and her mum Susan Williams.

King’s Mill Hospital is often in the spotlight as the Trust and hospital comes under growing scrutiny.

But behind the scenes thousands of doctors, nurses, consultants and volunteers work tirelessly to offer the best possible care for the sick and injured of Mansfield and Ashfield.

What does their work involve and how has time changed for the people on the frontline?

Over the coming weeks Chad will be delving behind the scenes to bring you the day to day story of life at King’s Mill Hospital....

With all the headlines in recent months exposing malpractice and neglect in the NHS it is easy to overlook the genuinely caring and dedicated staff who give everything for their patients.

But it is doubtful this will ever be the case for Jade Worboys and her family after her life was saved THREE times by King’s Mill Hospital consultant Srini Vindla after birthing complications.

Eighteen days after giving birth to baby son Bentley in August last year, 20-year-old Jade awoke one night with heavy bleeding and was rushed to King’s Mill Hospital from her Newark home.

The terrified young mum and trainee nurse was taken to theatre but the bleeds kept coming, requiring two full-body blood transfusions and 13 people in one room fighting frantically to save her life.

Said Jade: “I knew it was bad because of all the bleeding, but when they could not stop it I thought I was not going to make it.”

Twice during the five hour operation she says Mr Vindla stopped her from bleeding to death.

“I was just amazed at the shock of what was happening to me. My mum and husband were in the room and had to stay strong because I could see their reaction.

“They said it was like a scene from a horror film with all the blood, but seeing the staff working so hard helped.”

A few days later Mr Vindla saved her life again after she suffered another major bleed, after which she was transferred to

Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre.

She had been due to go home the day before but her mother, Sue Williams, had insisted she could not as the family did not have a car seat.

The mother-of-one underwent embolization treatment in her womb to stop the bleeding. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and the bleeding from Jade’s womb was stopped.

Now she and her husband Christopher are planning another baby but due to the risks involved as a result of her weakened womb, the trainee nurse will have to give birth by Caesarean section at 36 weeks.

But being told the procedure would be performed by the life-saving Mr Vindla has helped put the young mum’s mind at rest.

Said Jade: “Mr Vindla is hopeful and if it was not for him delivering it I would not have another baby. He arranged everything during the bleeding and kept me calm.”

Jade’s mother, Sue Williams, said if it was not for Mr Vindla ‘I would not have a daughter, Bentley would not have a mum and Christopher would not have a wife.’

She added: “He came and got on his knees and took my hand and said ‘the only thing you can do for your daughter is pray for her - it was the compassion he had.

“And when everybody was working on her it was phenomenal because every one of them knew what they were doing and they gave me and Chris a smile while they were working.”