'Do you want to be a councillor?' - Mansfield District Councillors tell you what it is like

Have you ever wanted to be a councillor?
Have you ever wanted to be a councillor?

Have you ever wanted to be a councillor?

Well current Mansfield District Councillors have hit the silver screen to show what life is like for a councillor.

Councillor Stephen Harvey, who represents Kings Walk Ward said: "It is an absolute honour to be an councillor, what I like most about being a councillor is solving problems."

Councillor Sonya Ward, who represents Bull Farm and Pleasley Hill Ward said: "My back ground is in youth work - so most of my career has been focused on making a difference - so it made sense doing that through being a councillor."

Following the video there will be a information event next Thursday, February 7, at 6pm.

The information evening will be in the Council Chamber where there will be a video and presentation by democratic services officers about the role of elected members and the support offered to them by the council.

Councillor Dave Saunders and Councillor Sally Higgins will also speak about their experiences.

Questions will be taken at the end and officers will also be able to answer questions privately at the event. There is no need to book a place.

For more information, email Democratic Services Manager Mark Pemberton on mpemberton@mansfield.gov.uk or call 01623 463301. There is also information on the council website at www.mansfield.gov.uk/elections.