Do police officers back closure plan?

Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.
Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.

I have read in the Chad that Mansfield is to lose yet another police station- at the hands of Paddy Tipping. This brings questions to mind of whether Mansfield Police are having an actual say in this affair.

I personally grew up with an attitude and a dislike for authority; when Forest Town police station was closed it meant we had more freedom and the general public had longer waiting times for assistance- if only the politicians would consider the down side of allowing criminality more freedom they would not make rash decisions and would ask for advice from those who know best- the actual officers that have to contain and continually battle with criminality.

I have no respect for any public inquiry/enquiry into the closure of Mansfield Woodhouse police station unless the ‘full compliment’ of Mansfield Police have had their say on the matter and this has been evaluated by someone as far from Paddy Tipping as can be achieved.

With this in mind I personally offer my own spare time to peruse any comments I receive by Mansfield Police Officers and give my conclusion to Paddy Tipping in an unadulterated form that shall give true indication of how these officers feel and what reservations (if any) they may hold.

I can guarantee at least eight hours a week maybe a lot more shall be allotted to this task if my offer is taken up.

I have years of experience of criminality on the wrong side of the law and recently graduated an associate degree in criminal justice.

I have met good and bad within policing and within those criminalised and do hold a relative unbiased mentality where police themselves are concerned yet a healthy hatred for the majority of criminality (I still resent certain political persuasion passed down at policing which criminalises people in my opinion wrongly).

If Mansfield Police have any reservations about this proposed closure; I ask that they trust me with their comments and just number them for each officer - i.e. Officer 1 to Officer 1000 etc.

I need no names and so cannot be prejudiced- I also ask for the whole compliment to use one communal email address that they all have access to- which can easily be made up on yahoo or google etc- this has to be completely anonymous except that the comments required are from serving officers.

Any comments can be left at my email address of: witch

Politics and the continual robbery of facilities already paid for by the taxpayer is alarming- especially when it comes to policing so I’d like the opportunity to show either why this will be a good move to close this station down or why it won’t and I’d like the conclusion to be based upon the experience and knowledge of present practitioners - if you find my request misplaced and lacking in any respect- I shall gratefully receive your observations.

Gary Holford

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