Distraught Mansfield toddler offers reward for return of teddy bear

Scarlett Sharp holds up a poster with a reward for the safe return of her teddy
Scarlett Sharp holds up a poster with a reward for the safe return of her teddy
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A TEDDY is a toddler’s best friend- and one youngster has been left so distraught by losing her “bestest” friend that her dad is even offering up a £50 reward for his safe return.

Ben the bear belongs to young Scarlett Sharp of White Rose Avenue, Mansfield, but the intrepid ted went walkabout when the family were at the Golden Eagle pub on Sherwood Oaks business Park on Monday afternoon at around 5.30pm.

In a bid to have him returned safely, the three-year-old has helped create an appeal poster in which she described Ben as her “bestest friend in the whole wide world” and that he is “a bit old and battered but has been with me since I was six months old”.

Scarlett’s dad Richard put up the cash reward, explaining: “We asked the pub and they’ve even checked the CCTV. You can see her playing with him, but between playing with him outside and going back to the car, he has gone.

“There was nobody else about because it was such a cold night so we must have left him in the outdoor play area or the car park. We went back to check at about 8pm but he’d disappeared.

“It will be worth £50 if we can get him back.

“Although it’s a simple bear from Next, you can’t buy them anymore and we thought this day might come one day so it would be great to find him.”

The light sandy-coloured bear has the word ‘Next’ printed on the sole of this left foot.

If anyone has information, the should contact Richard or Sophie on Mansfield 651924 or 07976596664.