Disgraced policeman turned teacher from Mansfield caught having sex with colleague at school

Teacher suspended from Chesterfield Parkside community school.
Teacher suspended from Chesterfield Parkside community school.

A teacher originally from Mansfield who had sex with a woman colleague in a cellar and in a store room at a school where he taught has been banned from teaching for life.

Disgraced policeman, Michael Hall, 52, who turned to teaching after serving a 24-month jail sentence for theft while he was in the police force, was found guilty by a disciplinary panel of “unacceptable conduct” and banned for life.

The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) panel which heard Hall’s case found that as well as having sex and oral sex with one colleague on the school premises, he had also made salacious and overtly sexual comments to other women colleagues.

One woman had told the hearing that he had put his hands on her bottom and her hand on his penis over his clothes.

The father0- of-four was also said to have made comments such as: “I’m admiring your underwear what have you got on?” or “I will climb aboard and make you squeal”.

His sexual encounters on school premises with the colleague identified in the findings only as ‘person A’ were said to have taken place “regularly.”

The findings say that the woman confided in another colleague that she was having a sexual relationship with Hall in school and at her home.

The findings continue: “She disclosed it was happening in a cupboard and in the cellar. Person A said intercourse took place in school regularly in his office/store cupboard.”

But the panel found that his sexual and other offensive behaviour and comments did not stop at members of staff at Parkside Community School, Chesterfield, where he was head of design and technology.

The findings say “A substantial number of students alleged that in the course of lessons he made inappropriate comments about them. It is also alleged by some students that he made physical contact with them.”

He upset female pupils with his comments on their bodies.

One girl complained that he said she had a “fat bum” and another said he told her she had a “fat ar*e” and “chicken legs.”

He told other girls their skirts were too long and to pull them up or that they were not showing enough cleavage and to “pull your top down, you are not showing enough cleavage.”

And one girl said she told him to “f…..k off” after he had touched her back and grabbed her arm.

Another girl described him as “a bit touchy feely.” She told the panel: “He goes behind girls only and rubs their shoulder. He did this mostly with girls who sat on the back row. He would stroke their hair, running his fingers through it, or sit or kneel next to them and do it”.

Hall resigned in 2014 after an internal investigation was launched at the school into his activities.

In addition to the complaints about his behaviour towards colleagues and pupils he was also found to have failed to provide the school with full details of his criminal convictions. He had been jailed in 1997 at Nottingham Crown Court for two theft offences.

Imposing the ban on him, Alan Meyrick, deputy director of the NCTL, said it was a serious case.

He said Hall had:

* Misrepresented to his headteacher the full extent and nature of his criminal convictions in order to preserve his job; been involved in making unacceptable personal comments made to students in class;

* Been involved in unjustified physical contact with students in a variety of circumstances;

* Been involved in physical contact and making remarks to female members of staff which were unacceptable, caused offence and amounted to sexual harassment;

* Been involved in sexual activity with a member of staff on school premises, in school time on a number of occasions.

Mr Meyrick said that in imposing the life time ban he had taken into account Hall’s serious departure from personal and professional conduct standards; sexual misconduct; violation of the rights of pupils; deliberate behaviour that undermined pupils and the profession, the school or colleagues.

He added that Hall had shown “no insight into the gravity of his behaviour, its impact on others affected by it and the public perception of how a teacher is expected to conduct himself professionally.”

Hall was fired from the police force in 1997 and jailed, when he was 32 year-old, after he was caught stealing money from the wallet of a suicide victim.

Caught by a surveillance camera, he later confessed he needed money to meet loan repayments.

The judge said Hall indulged in a “catalogue of dishonesty, deception, lies and forgery”.

At the time, his defence barrister said he was full of regret and harboured dreams of becoming a teacher.