Disabled parking: Misleading disgrace

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I think you ought to do something for disabled people, regarding the parking bay in Mansfield, on Church Street, at the far end (away from town), outside the printing shop near the church.

It says PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY, yet disabled people like my father in law, WITH blue badges AND permits, are getting £70 fines on a regular basis!

I asked the warden who gave us our ticket why we had got it and she said “I feel sorry for you, but on page (however many) of an old handout, (something my 91 year old father in law received years ago), it says that this particular bay does not count!!!

I asked how many people were caught out each week and she said “loads”.

This is not just a disgrace, but misleading.

My Mansfield MP took the case up and they were not interested, being far more bothered about making money out of disabled people.

IF it is for funerals, as it apparently is, SAY SO on the signs!!!!!

This is catching out people, most living their lives in pain and has to stop.

HOW many old and poorly people read and remember every word of a gobbledegook leaflet, let’s be honest?

Ian Neal