Did you see ‘meteors’ across Mansfield and Ashfield sky?

The bright lights captured by one resident in Blackpool.
The bright lights captured by one resident in Blackpool.
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PEOPLE in Mansfield and Ashfield have been among those across parts of the UK reporting seeing bright objects - ‘meteors or space junk’ - in the sky late on Friday.

Emergency services in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England - including the Midlands - received calls from concerned householders.

Experts say the bright lights were probably space junk, such as old satellites, burning up rather than a meteor shower.

Writing on Chad’s Facebook site, Amanda Jane Elliott posted: “Seen UFO lights in ilkeston tonight, 11pm Friday ... a formation of lights, huge, not a plane. Very, very fast. My partner and I witnessed them together.”

Gillian e-mailed Chad to say: “We saw the meteor on Friday evening about 23:00 hours. We were travelling from Clipstone through the ‘rat hole’ turning to Gorsethorpe. It was so bright, travelled very low and then seemed to burst into flames. It lit the sky up.”

Rebecca also e-mailed, saying: “I saw the meteors last night around 11pm. I actually thought it was a plane on fire. It was a huge ball of light shooting across the sky with a trail behind it, going very fast.

“It was like watching your own Hollywood movie. I live in Somercotes and it looked like it was heading towards Alfreton.

“I didnt take any picture; I wish I had now.”

Rainworth’s Diane Martin told the BBC that said she saw “a bright yellow and orange ball”.

She added: “We only saw the one. It was quite low as well. It wasn’t that far away to be honest. We thought something was actually going to come down in the actual village.

“It was travelling from east to west. It was coming down but it was going across more than it was going down.”

If you saw the ‘meteors’ - or took any photographs - share your experience with Chad readers, e-mail newsdesk@chad.co.uk