Derelict Sutton pub could be knocked down

Old Mapplewells Inn
Old Mapplewells Inn

A derelict pub in Sutton could be demolished by the end of the year.

A planning has been submitted to Ashfield District Council proposing Old Mapplewells Inn, Mapplewells Road is knocked down by December 11.

A statement submitted with the application said the work will be carried out by Cawarden Co Ltd and will take around two weeks to complete.

It said: "The works include the demolition of the building within the site area as detailed on the demolition plan. All slabs, foundations and hard standings will then be raised and materials then removed from site."

It also stated that due to the site being located in a residential area, materials will be removed during normal site working hours.

A decision will be made by Ahsfield District Council over the next few weeks.