Derbyshire’s most haunted

Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
It’s the scariest day of the year – but some places in Derbyshire are constantly terrifying.

Here are the county’s top five most haunted locations...

5. Haddon Hall

Dorothy Vernon, the heiress of Haddon Hall, is believed to haunt the 11th century building. It’s also apprently haunted by a blue woman, a young boy and a monk.

4. Chatsworth House

There have been regular sightings of Bess of Hardwick at Chatsworth House. The house was originally built by Bess of Hardwick and her husband Sir William Cavandish in 1552.

3. Carnfield Hall

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The current owners of Carnfield Hall, who moved in as complete skeptics about anything paranormal, are now firm believers in all things that go bump in the night. A harpsichord has been heard playing and strange voices have been heard talking – when nobody else is in the building.

2. Renishaw Hall

In the 1800s, workmen uncovered a coffin under the floorboards of one of the bedrooms at the hall. There was no body in the coffin, only scraps of clothes and hair. Several people who slept in that room have reported being woken by cold kisses.

1. Eyam

It’s not unusual for a place like Eyam to have so many ghost stories – given its history with the Plague. One of the most haunted buildings in the village is the Miners Arms pub. People have heard footsteps and experienced strange occurrences in the bedrooms. Some guests have even left in the middle of the night because of fright.