Derbyshire Police warning over staff cuts

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Derbyshire Police’s top cop and the police and crime commissioner has admitted that the force could be rocked by proposed funding cuts.

Chief Constable Mick Creedon said there could be up to 450 fewer officers and staff on the force in five years’s time, while commissioner Alan Charles said: “We’re now at the point where we have to question whether or not the force can realistically continue to offer the same level of service. It’s clear from the ongoing reductions to our budget that we won’t be able to sustain officer numbers for much longer.”

They are now considering the outcomes of the recently completed priority based budget review with a view to meeting further budget cuts from the Government.

With Derbyshire Constabulary’s next budget to be set in January, the force said it has ‘priority-scrutinised’ every area of work in preparation for the next round of budget cuts and the further savings that will be required over the next five years.

Mr Creedon said: “The cuts the police service is dealing with is totally unprecedented in my 35 years of service. We have already lost more than 450 officers and staff through the first four years of the austerity programme and we anticipate a similar number over the next four years.”