Derbyshire County Council proposes 1.98 per tax hike

Derbyshire County Council is proposing a 1.98 per cent increase in council tax for the next year.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th January 2015, 11:09 am
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Developing story...

The proposed hike, which would generate £5milllion, would mean an increase of £21.75 a year − or 42p a week − for a Band D property and £16.92 a year − or 33p a week − for a Band B property. Most homes in Derbyshire are Band A or B.

The news was revealed in a media briefing this morning.

The council – which needs to save £157m by 2018 – also outlined how it intends to save £45m over the next year.

Council leader Anne Western said: “We don’t want to cut services or raise council tax − but we’ve got no choice. Two-thirds of our funding comes from the Government but this is rapidly being cut.

“The county council plays such a vital role in people’s everyday lives from looking after Derbyshire’s roads to providing education for our young people and looking after our communities’ most vulnerable people − young and old − to name but a few.

“Staff are doing a great job in difficult circumstances and we value the work they do. We’re putting our own house in order by scrutinising spending to make sure cash is used where it is needed most and doing all we can to make ends meet. But ultimately these Government cuts will mean some services we provide will have to change, reduce or stop altogether − and we need to ask local people to pay more in council tax to help pay for the services that continue.”