Derbyshire County Council cabinet now open to public questions

Members of the public will for the first time be allowed to ask questions in Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet meetings.

The move is part of the council’s commitment to making the way it operates more open and transparent and to give local people the chance to get more involved.

Previously, residents had to wait until full council meetings – held five times a year – to put questions to cabinet members.

But now they will be allowed to ask questions in cabinet meetings, which are held every three weeks, before decisions are made.

Council leader CounAnne Western said: “We want residents to feel they have a voice within the council and this move allows them to have a two-way conversation with us.

“We’re very keen that local people have the opportunity to be actively involved in the decision-making process and this change we’ve made to the format of our cabinet meetings is just one of the ways we’ll achieve that.”

People who wish to let the council know they would like to ask a question in cabinet can email or call 01629 538327.