Demolition work to re-start at former Mansfield Brewery site

CONTRACTORS have been given the green light to continue demolition work at the former Mansfield Brewery after it was confirmed there are no protected birds at the site.

Work on demolishing the brewery's main towers was halted on Tuesday when nesting birds were spotted in the buildings and nearby office workers saw chicks falling out of nests as parts of the brewery were being pulled down.

Following consultation with Natural England and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Mansfield District Council appointed a specialist wildlife consultant to carry out an additional survey of the site.

Nesting birds halt demolition work at Mansfield Brewery

Coun Kate Allsop, portfolio holder for regeneration, told Chad: "When we found out that nesting birds were in the main brewery tower we halted work immediately and called in Natural England and the RSPB.

"As the demolition is being carried out in the interests of public safety, Natural England was happy for the work to go ahead, provided the birds on site were not a protected species.

"To be absolutely sure we commissioned an inspection by a specialist wildlife consultant who has confirmed that there was no evidence of endangered species on site.

"It's a shame that any birds are being put at risk by the demolition work but ultimately, public safety must be given the absolute top priority."