Defendants’ history of violence, drugs and football hooliganism

Stephen Shreeves
Stephen Shreeves

VIOLENCE, drugs and football hooliganism - the background of three defendants who have now been convicted of murder.

Charlotte Collinge had previously been in violent relationships, Stephen Shreeves admitted assaulting a police officer and Kelvin Dale had convictions for drug possession and disorder at Mansfield Town FC matches.

Kelvin Dale

Kelvin Dale

The two male defendants were good friends but had never met Charlotte or Clifford Collinge before the night of the murder.

Charlotte Collinge (45) was an only child brought up in Nottingham. Her parents managed pubs and bars in the city.

Her parents had a violent relationship and divorced when she was 14.

Charlotte Collinge went to live with her father but she was kicked out aged 16. She started smoking cannabis at 15 and began drinking alcohol aged 11.

Charlotte Collinge

Charlotte Collinge

She has three previous convictions - possession of cannabis and shoplifting in 1998 and two convictions for assault in 2002 and 2007.

She married a 30-year-old man when she was 21. She described it as a violent relationship and the pair divorced five years later. She has a son from that marriage who is aged 23 and in the Royal Navy.

Charlotte met Clifford Collinge in 1995 and they lived in Ruddington. Mr Collinge had a daughter from his first marriage.

Charlotte and Cliff married in 1998. In 1999 they moved to Birklands House on Sandy Lane, Warsop - known locally as ‘the big house on the hill’.

Mr Collinge had a number of other properties in the county and had an estate worth £1m. There was no mortgage on the house in Warsop, believed to be worth £400,000.

Charlotte Collinge told the court she stopped having a sexual relationship with Cliff around five years ago and said he encouraged her to have other sexual partners.

The court was told how Mr Collinge liked to take photos of an intimate nature with his wife and other men.

Charlotte Collinge said she was not popular in Warsop and had the nickname ‘Charlotte the Harlot’.

She was banned from the Talbot pub a few years ago following an alleged incident on the pool table.

She was a regular cannabis user and began a relationship with her dealer, 18-year-old Jamie Belshaw three years ago.

Charlotte Collinge moved out of Birklands House and lived with Mr Belshaw on a number of occasions.

At one point Mr Belshaw was living with Charlotte Collinge at Birklands House which she said Cliff had no problems with.

After moving back in to a house with Mr Belshaw, it is alleged she was assaulted by him and Mr Collinge was also assaulted by Mr Belshaw.

Mr Belshaw was on bail for the alleged assault on Mr Collinge at the time of the murder.

Divorce proceedings had started between Charlotte and Cliff but the court was told it was not possible for them to divorce while she was living at the marital home.

Mr Collinge did not have a will at the time of his death, which meant most of his estate would go to his wife.

While in prison in Peterborough, Charlotte Collinge was visited by Mr Belshaw 13 times and they had nearly 100 phone conversations.

Mr Belshaw was prohibited from visiting her after he became a prosecution witness in February.

Giving evidence, Mr Belshaw said he hoped to continue a relationship with Charlotte Collinge if she was acquitted.

Stephen Shreeves (40) grew up and went to school in Warsop. He worked at a distribution centre in Worksop. He had been married to Robert Proud’s sister but they are now divorced.

At the time of the murder he was living at his sister’s house on Laurel Avenue, Warsop.

He has three previous convictions, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm in April 1991 and in January 1992. He was jailed for three months in March 2004 for assaulting a police officer.

Shreeves was good friends with both Kelvin Dale and Robert Proud. He told the court his relationship with Mr Proud became stronger after divorcing his sister.

He told the court he was not a regular user of cocaine.

Kelvin Dale (27) was also born, raised and educated in Warsop. He worked as a double glazer but most recently as a roofer for NRA based in the Mansfield area.

He had been in an on and off relationship for eight years and has a six-year-old son. He also treated his partner’s two-year-old daughter ‘as his own’.

At the time of the murder he was living with his parents on Forest Road, Warsop.

Dale has a number of previous convictions, mainly relating to disorder at Mansfield Town FC matches.

He was given a caution for common assault in 2001 and a caution for going on the pitch at Field Mill in 2002.

In 2004 Dale was fined for using threatening words and behaviour. He received another fine in 2006 for a football-related offence.

In 2007 he was given an 18 month community order for using threatening words and behaviour during a domestic incident. In 2010 he was cautioned for being drunk and disorderly in Liverpool and possession of cocaine.

Said he started taking cocaine a few years ago because it have him ‘a boost’ and made him ‘happy’.

Robert Proud (36), who was cleared of murder and assault, had lived in Warsop all his life. He was in the same class at school as Stan Boardman.

He trained as a painter and decorator when he left school and now runs his own business. He is married with two children.

Bail conditions meant he was not allowed to enter Nottinghamshire following his arrest.

He was forced to live in rented accommodation in Chesterfield.