Decaying landscapes inspire Mansfield photographer

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Artists throughout the ages have drawn inspiration from a vast range of subject matter - from the biblical themes of the Renaissance masters to the classics favoured by the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

But Mansfield photographer Neil Pledger has stayed closer to home with his own pictures - instead creating images of decaying urban landscapes from around the town.

The 45-year-old former Queen Elizabeth school student said that growing up in Mansfield with the backdrop of the declining mining industry first attracted him to the themes that are the focus of his work.

And his work recently reached a wider audience when it featured in the Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman movie, Before I Go to Sleep.

Talking about his work, Neil said: “Living in Mansfield, the shadow of the former industrial glory of mining was never far away.

“This led me to visit and document the old pits, now forsaken and left open to the elements of weather and time.

“From this foundation I then visited and captured the decaying footprint of a variety of derelict buildings, prior to the viral onslaught of residential development, which has led to places of past industrial or historical significance being lost forever.”

To view more of Neil’s work, visit, or search on Facebook.