Death-threat texter spared jail

Amid a barrage of “wicked” text-messages, a Bulwell man threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend and blow up her family, a court heard.
COURT: Court CaseCOURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

“Get the ambulance ready. You are going to die, together with your family,” read one of the messages from Jordan Porter (23), of Stockwell.

Porter pleaded guilty at Nottingham Crown Court to harassment of Bianca Norton, causing her to fear that violence would be used against her.

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He was given a prison-sentence of nine months, suspended for two years. He was also placed under the supervision of the probation service for 12 months and told to take a drugs-rehabilitation course after the court heard of a conviction in September for possessing cannabis.

Judge Joan Butler told Porter: “Stop taking drugs and stop threatening and bullying your partners.”

Robbie Singh (prosecuting) told the court the threats were made to Miss Norton via “a great number” of messages sent by text or via the WhatsApp messenger service between Saturday 14th June and Tuesday 17th June.

“They had an on-off relationship for about four years, and they now have two children together,” said Mr Singh.

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“However, his behaviour towards her deteriorated after the birth of their first child, and these messages were sent while she was seven months’ pregnant with their second child.”

Among the other messages sent by Porter to Miss Norton were: “You fat cow -- I am coming for you”; “You best get out of Nottingham now because I am going to blow up your family”; and “I am going to stab you. You are going to die”.

“The messages were very insulting, and Miss Norton felt trapped, even when she went to live with her cousin,” said Mr Singh.

Richard Posner (defending) said Porter now had a new partner. He was “genuinely remorseful” and was “taking a more mature attitude”.

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“He accepts he should not have done it,” said Mr Posner. “He has had an anger problem that he wishes to deal with. He also wishes to deal with his drugs use.”

Judge Butler told Porter he had behaved in a wicked manner, more like a 15-year-old than a 23-year-old.

She said: “You threatened the mother of your children with these unpleasant and ghastly offences, and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.”

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