Dare-devil swimmer Adam Walker determined to become first ever British man to complete the Ocean 7 Challenge.

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Huthwaite adventurer Adam Walker is gearing up to take on his next mammoth sea swim challenge when he takes on Japan’s daunting Tsugaru Strait.

Brave Adam will battle against tidal currents and the threat of shark bites and jellyfish stings as he looks to write himself into the record books by completing the energy-sapping 34km straits in June 2013.

The dangerous swim will also help Adam, who has already swum the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, Hawaii’s treacherous Molokai Straits and the Catalina Channel, move one step nearer to his ultimate ambition of becoming the first Brit to successfully complete the Ocean 7 challenge.

The Ocean 7 challenge involves seven of the world’s most challenging sea swims and also includes New Zealand’s Cook Strait and the Irish Channel.

Said Adam: “This swim is going to be one of the most difficult due to the waves and complex tidal system. It could take anything up to 17 or 18 hours to complete. There are times when you are going backwards because of the force of the tide so it is very tough to take mentally.

“You are on the edge mentally and pushing yourself to the very edge of your physical limits, but you just have to keep going and push on until the challenge is completed. Once you have finished it is an amazing feeling and a real sense of relief.”

Adam, who works for white goods manufacturer Indesit as the firm’s national account manager, first took up the amazing challenge after watching an inflight movie about a man swimming the English Channel during a flight to Australia.

Said Adam: “I watched it and told my wife I was going to swim the English Channel, she told me ‘I was nuts’. I love the challenge and pushing myself to the limits.

“Breaking records is not the be-all-and-end-all, but I definately want to become the first British man to swim the Ocean 7 Challenge, and the first man to swim all the challenges at the first attempt.”

As part of his gruelling training sessions Adam swims four or five times a week in Hucknall and also visits the gym five or six times.

“During the winter I swim in the pool, but in the summer months I do three hours swimming at a nearby lake and in the sea at Dover when I need to do six hour swims,” he added.

“There is a massive difference between pool and open water swimming and it is vital to do lots of sea swimming training to get used to the cold temperatures. I have fallen foul of hypothermia before and been clos to death.”

Adam, who is supported by Huthwaite Tandoori, raises money during his swims and raised £1,000 for the Sports Aid charity when he completed the Molokai Straits.

To sponsor Adam visit www.justgiving.com/catalinaswim