Danie talks Brexit on Newsnight

Danie Chance, from Hucknall, (centre) appears on BBC 2's Newsnight programme to discuss the aftermath of Brexit.
Danie Chance, from Hucknall, (centre) appears on BBC 2's Newsnight programme to discuss the aftermath of Brexit.

A Brexit voter from Hucknall was invited on to BBC’s Newsnight to talk about why she voted to leave the European Union and discuss the aftermath of the historic decision.

Danie Chance, 24, was interviewed by presenter Emily Maitliss on a panel of Brexit-voters in an edition of the current affairs programme broadcast on Monday, September 5.

Following reports on the impact on Britain’s economy and relationship with Europe, the panel were asked about how they were treated following the vote.

Danie said: “Because I am in the Labour party and I was mandated to remain, I was quite vocal about the fact that I wanted to leave.

“Immediately after the result came in here was a lot of backlash. Not just from the Labour party but from people in my everyday life.

“I was branded as racist and things like that. To me immigration is not the issue.

“My concern is more to do with sovereignty and democracy and being able to govern ourselves rather than listen to someone in the EU.”

Later, when asked if the panel really believed that politicians are on top of things, she said: “No one really knows what to do at the minute - it is going to take two years to come out of the EU. We need to get it right and we need to do it well.”

None of the panel believed the Leave campaign’s claim that Brexit would free up £350 million extra a week, and none were surprised when it was later shown to be untrue.

Afterwards, speaking to the Dispatch, Danie said: “Newsnight asked me to come to London. It was crazy - it was so last-minute. I was told at 6pm and they started filming at 10.30pm. I got a train and was shoved straight into make-up and then straight on to air.”

Talking about the historic vote in which 52 per cent of voters called for the UK to leave the European Union, Danie told the Dispatch: “I don’t regret voting Leave. I regret that people were nasty to me. I have lost friends over it.

“A lot of it has calmed down. People have warmed to me again. Immigration is not why I voted to leave.

“I think the EU is corrupt. It is a massive, capitalist organisation. It will only ever get more powerful.

“The only downside to Brexit is potentially poor negotiations. Hopefully they will do it right.

“There haven’t been many bad side effects. The pound has recovered. Markets don’t like uncertainty.

“Turnout for the Referendum vote was more than double the turnout for MEPs. I think people are disillusioned. They don’t feel that what they are voting for in the MEP elections is right.”

Danie, a locum dental nurse who lives on Florence Street, campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party last year.