‘Dangerous’ illegal taxi rank in Mansfield criticised by council

Unofficial taxi rank painted on Station Road, Mansfield.
Unofficial taxi rank painted on Station Road, Mansfield.

A ROGUE taxi rank on a Mansfield road has been criticised by the council who are threatening to strip the Hackney licenses of those responsible.

The unofficial rank on Station Street has been painted across an existing cycle path and Nottinghamshire County Council has promised to get tough on those 
behind it.

A spokesman said: “We are disappointed that someone from the taxi trade appears to have marked out an unofficial taxi rank at a time when the council has agreed to make a number of improvements to taxi provision near the new bus station.

“As well as it potentially causing danger to other road users and confusion to the travelling public, we must now use taxpayers money to pay for its removal.

“If the person responsible is identified as an existing taxi license holder, they run the risk of losing their license and being billed for costs.”

Nigel Marchant, the National Taxi Association branch secretary for Mansfield and Ashfield, said it was possibly linked to what is perceived as a lack of space for taxis at the new bus station.

He said with 88 Hackney carriages licensed in the Mansfield area, there are spaces for only 20 cabs at the station, with many cabbies fearing suspension for over-ranking.

“I can understand both sides, there’s frustration for the drivers because of the worry of over-ranking, but this is breaking the law and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it.It looks like someone has come along with a can of spray paint, but whoever has done this could be in a lot of trouble.”

The council says that a further three taxi spaces are being provided on Queen Street, directly across from the bus station – when the Queens Head redevelopment work is completed, in addition to the existing rank at the former bus station.