Dad’s plea to end bullying at Ashfield school after son left with facial injuries

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A Sutton father has called for bullies to think about their actions after his son was tripped up and had a bottle thrown at him at school - resulting in facial injuries.

Matthew Crowder said his son Christopher, 13, who goes to Ashfield School in Kirkby has had a long battle with bullies.

After eating lunch at school on Wednesday Christopher, who is in year 8, had a bottle of water at him twice and was then tripped up from behind by another student causing him to loose his balance and fall over, hitting his face on the floor.

The student involved in the incident has been excluded.

Mr Crowder said that Christopher has also had his shoes thrown in a pond and faces constant teasing from other children.

In a Facebook post, which has been shared more than 700 times Mr Crowder said: “While you are at school please think before you do something stupid to others as this has a bigger impact on them than you could even think.”

He also shared a photograph of Christopher’s facial injuries.

Speaking to the Chad he said: “I will say that the school took this incident seriously but this has been going on for a long time. I must made hundreds of phone calls to them but I can’t seem to get through to them.”

“Christopher is such a nice lad, he’s as soft as a brush but this has made him so unhappy at times and he hates school even more now.”

“It’s not just happening to him either, I know he has a friend who is bullied too. It’s just got to stop.”

Mr Crowder said that his son has been given detention or told off by teachers when he has retaliated to bullying.

He said: “He wouldn’t harm a fly and he didn’t look for trouble but since he started at Ashfield has been constantly picked on.”

Assistant head Del Nicholls said: The school takes this issue very, very seriously. We have various strategies for dealing with bullying and if it is reported to us it is acted on immediately. In this case we have excluded the student for the maximum of five days.”

He added that if incidents continued the matter would be ‘escalated’.