Dad claims injury diagnosed too late after bank holiday operation

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King’s Mill Hospital chiefs are looking into claims that a patient should have been diagnosed sooner after an injury to his bowel suffered during surgery.

The claim made by former airman Paul Elliott, of Kirkby, centres around the care he received during a bank holiday weekend after suffering a perforated bowel.

Lawyers Irwin Mitchell, acting on behalf of Mr Elliott, say he had to undergo emergency surgery when his bowel was perforated leading to severe infection, which was identified after the 63-year-old spent the weekend in King’s Mill suffering from pain and fever.

The surgery left Mr Elliott with a hernia the size of a large grapefruit - which doctors believe will continue to grow unless he undergoes further major surgery.

He instructed medical negligence lawyers to investigate the level of care he received from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He said: “I feel I deserve to know if more should have been done sooner to diagnose my condition and, if so, would it have made a difference to the life I now face.”

A spokesman for the trust told your Chad:“Mr Elliott raised concerns about his care to the trust in July 2016 and the trust responded in writing to him, however, we are happy to meet with Mr Elliot face to face to discuss any further concerns that he has.

“We cannot comment any further on this matter whilst legal proceedings are still ongoing.”