Cylists and dog walkers: Please pay attention


Twice a week I get 90 minutes cycling time of which I ride the trails around Teversal and Pleasley ,I have very colourful clothing so I can be seen easily and I have lights for when its foggy also I have a bell to warn dog walkers .

Every time I go out I get abuse not from everyone but quite a few ,if your dog chases people on bikes then your dog must be kept on a lead last year I was knocked off my bike by a runaway dog and I was injured and £100 worth of damage to my bike and the dog owners just gave me a lot of verbal abuse ,also I am told constantly to ring my bell when coming up from behind on elderly and young walkers but I do ring my bell all the time.

Maybe if they were to switch up their hearing aids or not having their music in their ears they would hear me ,the trails are there for everyone to enjoy not just dog walkers - and I have not talked about the dog mess what is failed to be picked up.

I know a few cyclists who give us a bad report but some of us use the trails as a means of keeping fit and getting some fresh air

If walkers and cyclists were a little more aware of what’s around them, then I would not get the abuse i have had .

Chris Weldon


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