Cycle star supports '˜lifesaving' bracelet

A Sutton cycling ace is urging all riders to wear a potentially lifesaving emergency identity bracelet.

Bryan Steel former pro cyclist from Sutton is promoting the ICE ID bracelet .
Bryan Steel former pro cyclist from Sutton is promoting the ICE ID bracelet .

Former GB track cycling star Bryan Steel has signed a partnership agreement to promote the wearing personal and medical information.

Bryan was a member of the British team pursuit team for more than a decade and won two Olympic and five World Championship medals as part of the squad, which included Sir Bradley Wiggins.

And the 48-year-old has now joined forces with ICE ID – In Case of Emergency Identification.

Bryan said: “Safety is paramount and when an accident occurs, providing vital information in the shortest possible time is critical to the likelihood of a successful outcome.

“Training outdoors means you have to take precautions and while I can’t control vehicle drivers out on the road, I can take steps to protect myself.

“ICE ID is a simple yet highly effective product which assists the best possible response.”

Bryan will now wear the ICE ID Pro wristband that carries his name and postcode, blood group and wife’s mobile phone number, as well as other vital info on allergies and medication.

ICE ID owner Gila Overton, a former pro cyclist back in her native South Africa, said: “Bryan is the ideal ambassador for ICE ID, because apart from his longstanding reputation in pro cycling and the sporting world in general, he and his staff work daily with riders of all ages and abilities and appreciate accidents can happen.

“Mobile phones are often damaged or locked and this is when ICE ID speaks for you, when you can’t as it were – assisting the first person on the scene with vital information.

“We are in the business of saving lives by providing all the vital personal and medical ID information required as conveniently and efficiently as possible.”

She said cyclists are likely to find themselves far from home, friends and family. They should consider their vulnerability when training alone with no identification.

She said: “We don’t think twice about wearing a seat belt or a cycling helmet, yet we repeatedly venture outdoors with no identification.

“Imagine paramedics not knowing who to contact, simply because we did not have ID.

“In the event of an emergency, minutes matter. We want family to be contacted immediately to ensure we receive proper medical treatment. ”

Bryan’s Sutton based Bryan Steel Academy, aims to turn the most talented riders in the East Midlands into elite-level competitors.

ICE ID will also be offered through Bryan’s website and awareness of the benefits of ICE ID shared with all his academy and cycling club members.