Cuckney Hill drivers are at fault

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I am a Warsop resident and on occasion use the Cuckney Hill. It is tragic that deaths have occurred on this road and I agree that speed cameras are a good idea - also perhaps the pull offs at the top of the hill should be closed, but I must say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the road, the problem being some idiots who use it thinking it is a race track. In last week’s Chad, comment was made by someone about blind corners at the top, and Mr Meale’s comments about ‘blind bends and junctions on both sides of the hill’ makes me think he doesn’t actually know the road. I have signed the petition in the local newsagents and I do hope the powers that be will listen and install cameras, but there will still be occasions when drivers think the restrictions don’t apply to them.

Maureen Briggs,


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