Women trapped in Hucknall siege describe trauma

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Nottingham Crown Court heard of the terror felt by the two women trapped and traumatised in the Hucknall club while a police siege was unfolding.

Manager Pat Lancaster and a member of the bar staff, Kerry Moran, were left “cowering in the corner of a small, pokey office” at the back of the Spot-On snooker and leisure club on Vine Terrace during the 10 hour stand-off on 13th March.

Personal victim-impact statements were read by the judge and presented to the court by John Fountain (prosecuting).

Mrs Lancaster said she had worked in the licensing trade for 20 years. “She thought she was strong and unshockable, but this shocked her,” said Mr Fountain.

“She said the incident had robbed her of her happiness and she was now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“She no longer looked forward to going to work. She was anxious, constantly checking the CCTV cameras and snapping at customers.

“It had also had a damaging effect on her sleep. The incident was the first thing she thought about in the morning and the last thing at night.”

Miss Moran’s statement said that she used to be “happy, outgoing and confident, and enjoyed her work”.

“But at the time of the incident, she felt she might die and leave her children without a mother,” said Mr Fountain.

“She was now anxious, on edge and stressed, suffering physical and psychological symptoms.

“It had had an effect on the relationship with her partner and her children. Every aspect of her life had changed.”

Both Mrs Lancaster and Miss Moran were at Nottingham Crown Court to see Reece Theison receive his detention sentence.

His Honour Judge Stuart Rafferty said: “When these poor ladies went to work on what they thougt was just an ordinary day, they had no idea what was going to happen.

“They might be scarred mentally for life. There is no sentence that would be sufficient for them. “

Speaking directly to them, Judge Rafferty added: “I hope the counselling you are receiving helps you both.”