‘Woman used blunt force to murder her Mansfield partner’ - court is told

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A woman used blunt force to attack her partner which resulted in him dying from serious stomach injuries, a court was told today.

Timothy Spencer QC opened the crown’s case into the trial of Michelle Swift (48) who is charged with, but denies murdering her partner Emiel Blankert in December of last year.

Mr Blankert died from a perforated bowel, days after he was taken to King’s Mill Hospital.

The pair had lived in a flat above the shops on Ladybrook Place, on the Ladybrook Estate, and had a ‘volatile relationship’, with witnesses claiming both had attacked each other during their stormy 17-year relationship.

In his opening statement Mr Spencer said: “On 9th December, Michelle Swift assaulted her partner by some means. She delivered significant blunt force injury to his abdomen.

“She may have used some sort of blunt weapon or her foot or feet to deliver one or more kicks or stamps.

“It resulted in serious internal injury in the abdomen, rupturing his bowel.

“There was significant and serious bleeding.

“Neither he or she recognised at the time of infliction just how serious it was.

“By the time he was taken to hospital by ambulance, things had gone too far.

“There was simply too much internal haemorrhaging and he died a few days later.”

The trial continues.