Woman tried to sell stolen TV

A LANGWITH Junction woman tried to sell a television set stolen during a house burglary, a court was told on Monday.

A home in Shirebrook had been burgled during the day of 24th February and the £359 flatscreen TV was among the haul.

Nicola Tonks called at a neighbour’s addres later that day and offered it to a woman for £20, saying it was ‘red hot’.

The woman declined and subsequently found out that someone she knew had been the victim of a burglary in which a TV was stolen, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said Tonks was arrested and told police a man known locally as ‘Johnboy’, who had been staying at her home, had promised her £5 from the sale.

Tonks (28) of Ridgeway, Langwith Junction, admitted handling a stolen television set belonging.

The justices imposed a one-year probation supervision order, with £85 costs.

“She describes herself as being a soft touch on occasions and that’s what happened here,” said Phil Bloore, for Tonks.

He told the court a man released from prison persuaded her to let him stay at her home for a few days and then outstayed his welcome.

“On this day it was hoped he would be gone. He turned up with two bags and asked her to dispose of a TV. She thought that might help to get rid of him.

“She had never touched or seen the stolen property,” said Mr Bloore.

He added that Tonks was on a methadone programme and her past addiction to heroin was now “very much under control”.