Watch how it takes less than a minute for dog thieves to strike in Ashfield

Man's best friend is put at risk every-time they are left tied up, says a group of Huthwaite dog-lovers as a video is released showing how easy it is for thieves to strike.

The staged video taken outside the Co-op in Huthwaite shows how it takes less than a minute for a thief to untie a dog and steal it.

Jo Spencer a dog handler played the thief.

Jo Spencer a dog handler played the thief.

Janet Jago Lee, aged 54, a Huthwaite dog walker was involved in the film and wants owners to be more aware when it comes to the safety of their pet.

Her five-year-old whippet cross Ava-Mai played the stolen dog.

The Safer Huthwaite member and Columbia Street resident said: "When I went into the Co-op I was nearly crying - the feeling was awful.

"I wouldn't have left her if my friends hadn't have been outside."

Janet also said she knows of incidents where dogs have almost been stolen from the area after they were tied up.

But luckily the owner saw just in time.

Penny Laverick, a Huthwaite dog trainer has said stolen dogs could be sold for dog fighting.

She said: "For the sake of leaving you dog at home when you go to the shop do so it is not worth the life of your dog."

Janet said: "We want to highlight the issue. It shows how easy it is to steal a dog.

"As soon as the dog is taken it can be miles away in minuets with the M1 being so close.

"When dogs go missing and people post about it on Facebook you share the post - some dogs are found this way.

"But some will be lost forever.

"Don't leave your dog tied up outside a shop - leave them at home."

The video was filmed by Huthwaite photographer Antony Stocks.