WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Mother denies bludgeoning husband to death with guitar

Charlotte Collinge.
Charlotte Collinge.

A Warsop mother denies bludgeoning her husband to death with a guitar with two other men, Nottingham Crown Court has heard this week.

Charlotte Collinge (48) is accused of arranging for two strangers she had met in the pub hours earlier - Stephen Shreeves (43) and Kelvin Dale (30) - to kill her husband at the couple’s home on Sandy Lane on 8th October, 2011.

Prosecutors say she enticed the pair back to the house with the promise of sex.

Her husband, Cliff Collinge (61), was beaten to death in his kitchen with a guitar and a joiner’s sash clamp.

He suffered a fractured skull and 46 other injuries.

The court heard how Shreeves and Dale took cocaine before launching a ‘ferocious’ attack on Mr Collinge, and that Mrs Collinge had old a friend earlier that day that she wanted her husband dead.

During the trial today, it was heard that a letter had been found in the lounge from Mr Collinge to his wife, which hinted at the strained relations between the pair.

Mr Collinge has said there was ‘no reasoning’ with Charlotte, and so felt he needed to write to her rather than try to talk to her.

He lambasted her £20-a-day cannabis habit, and added ‘I refuse to do this anymore’ in reference to their relationship, despite saying he still loved her.

The jury heard also watched a recorded statement by the couple’s daughter, Cristal Collinge, taken in 2011 when she was just 15.

Miss Collinge explained how her parents had endured a turbulent relationship, and that Charlotte Collinge had left home regularly, to be with a younger boyfriend.

However, Cristal Collinge said that her mother would often return home because her boyfriend ‘kept beating her up’.

In addition, close friend of Mr Collinge - Steven Guy - whom he’d met in 2004, gave testimony.

Mr Guy, who was landlord of the White Swan pub in Mansfield Woodhouse, described Mrs Collinge as an ‘exhibitionist’, and had once upset Mr Guy’s partner when she made a sexual comment to her about Mr Guy.

He also described incidents in which she flashed her private parts at Mr Guy and grabbed his hand to force her to touch him.

During the cross examination of Mr Guy, defending for Mrs Collinge, Michael Auty QC, said: “It’s all nonsense isn’t it? It was you that had the interest in Charlotte Collinge wasn’t it, not the other way round.”

Mr Guy simply replied: “No.”

The trial, which is expected to last four weeks, continues.