Warsop lead thefts prompt police warning

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Police are urging residents to be vigilant following a spate of lead thefts in Warsop.

In the last week there have been seven incidents of lead flashing being stolen from the rooves of houses.

The most recent of these were in Appleton Way in the evening of Monday 29th September.

An offender climbed onto ledges and garages to steal metres of flashing from several roof tops.

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th September, offenders struck in Meden Avenue. Again lead flashing was taken.

Sgt Paul Clarke said: “We have seen walls are being scaled, roof tiles ripped from their fixings and the protective lead sheeting, flashing stolen.

“We’re asking people to be vigilant and look out for their neighbours. If you see someone acting strangely in your street or anything you think is unusual don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

“This isn’t just extremely disruptive and costly for home owners, but a very dangerous pursuit for the perpetrator, especially as the weather turns wintery, who has to climb great heights in order to obtain his loot.”