Warnings after burglary spate

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Police are warning residents to keep their homes secure following reports of recent burglaries.

Due to the warmer weather, people are tending to leave more doors and windows open or unlocked, which has led to a number of opportunist break-ins.

Overnight on 11th July, a thief got into a house on Douglas Road, Forest Town, through an unlocked conservatory door and got away with numerous items including computers, bikes, mobile phones and a moped.

On 22nd June, a burglar climbed through an open ground-floor bedroom window on Saundby Avenue, Mansfield, and snatched jewellery and a phone.

Other homes to have been targeted includes one on Harrington Street, Mansfield, on 14th July, when a 40-inch TV was taken, and Marlborough Road, between 2nd and 4th July, when jewellery was stolen.

However, neither of these homes had left doors or windows unlocked.