Warning letters sent to Mansfield over drug use and drunken behaviour

There are new calls for health warnings on alcohol products.
There are new calls for health warnings on alcohol products.

Warning letters have been sent to four licensed premises in Mansfield town centre after checks carried out as part of the latest Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) Night of Action revealed they did not have staff available to operate CCTV equipment.

The checks were to tackle drunkenness and drugs misuse in a night of action.

On Saturday, 13th June, PCSOs and Mansfield District Council (MDC) Neighbourhood Wardens worked together to patrol a route incorporating the train station, bus station and taxi queues during the early evening.

This provided additional reassurance to those coming into and leaving the town centre.

Door supervisors at night time economy premises were supported by police officers in refusing entry to pubs and clubs to intoxicated people.

Information about the individuals concerned was then shared between venues, ensuring a uniform response and that no-one was refused entry at one venue but allowed into another.

In addition, Street Marshals conducted high visibility patrols and assisted staff at numerous venues throughout the night.

This proved very positive and gave a clear message to those concerned.

Four, who have not been named, have now been sent warning letters and follow-up visits will be made within seven days.

Mansfield Street Pastors also played an important part, engaging with the public and providing assistance to vulnerable individuals.

Insp Neil Priestly who headed up the project said: “Overall the latest MPAC Night of Action was very successful. Feedback from both staff involved and members of the public was very positive. Staff from a range of organisations enjoyed and appreciated the partnership working, and members of the public appreciated the additional presence.

“As a result, there were fewer drunken people in town and no reports of assault during the night.”

MPAC Nights of Action are run on a regular basis with a range of organisations involved in their planning and delivery. Each has a different theme and previous ones have included drink-driving, theft from person and domestic abuse as the focal points. Further nights are planned for the coming months.