Warehouse worker fined over Mansfield pub punch

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A pub reveller who was punched in the face described the attack as a ‘cheeky shot’ which did not even lead him to spill his drink, a court was told.

Ricky Joe Raymond Ellis, 24, of Victoria Road, Sutton, admitted common assault after attacking victim Phil Passant outside the Ravensdale pub during the summer.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told how the pair have a shared history, with Ellis being the cousin of Mr Passant’s ex partner.

Outlining the case of the Crown, Marjorie Kirkham-Smith said Passant had been drinking in the Sherwood Hall Road pub on the evening of August 7 when he was told somebody was waiting outside for him.

As he stepped out of the building he was approached by Ellis who simply said ‘Alright Phil?’ before throwing a punch at him.

Captured on CCTV which was shown to the court, the punch made contact with Mr Passant’s face and he stumbled backwards, but remained on his feet.

The court was told that the punch did not injure him, hurt him or cause him to drop his drink.

Defending Ellis, Nicola Thorpe said he could not recall the incident after he had been drinking heavily.

She added: “It’s a very unfortunate incident, he does know the complainant and there is some history there.

“He is very remorseful for his actions.

She added that Ellis, who is a warehouse worker in Sutton, is on anti-depressants and thought it may have affected him after he had drunk vodka.

Ellis was fined £240, made to pay £50 compensation to Mr Passant and £259 in costs.