Violent thug could be jailed after attack

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NEWS: News.

A thug who attacked a couple after they had been at a party has been warned he could be going to jail.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday how Michael Booth, 35, of Kingsley Crescent, Stonebroom, punched John Smith and dragged him into a bedroom where he attacked him again and threw his girlfriend Carlene White into a wall.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said the couple had been to a party and was staying at Mr Smith’s ex-partner’s when they were attacked by Booth.

She said: “Mr Smith was climbing the stairs when he saw Booth and said you go first but he was punched to the right side of his face and dragged into a bedroom.

“He was punched a second time and said there was no reason for this and he said he covered his head with his hands and felt another violent blow to his head.”

Mrs Allsop explained that Carleen White saw Booth attack Mr Smith and as she tried to push Booth away he turned and grabbed her sweater and threw her across the bedroom and she smashed her head against a wall.

Booth, who has previous convictions for violence, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault after the fracas in August. He told the court he was sorry for what he had done, that there was no excuse for the attacks and that he had not mean to cause any harm. Magistrates, who warned Booth that custody is a likely disposal option, adjourned the case until September 30 to allow them to consider pre-sentence reports.