Video: Huthwaite car parking ‘an accident waiting to happen’

Dangerous parking at a Huthwaite blind junction is an accident waiting to happen, campaigners claim.

Up to a dozen motorists are parking along Mill Lane and blocking the view at its junction with Common Road, during peak times.

Cars parked up on Mill Lane, Huthwaite

Cars parked up on Mill Lane, Huthwaite

More than 200 residents of the Mill Lane Estate have signed a petition calling for double yellow lines to deter them.

Christine Redfern , 62 of New Hucknall Way, who started the petition, said: ”For years people have been parking in line on Mill Lane .

“Because there is a bend, when you are driving out you can’t see what is coming in and there is only room for one vehicle to come through.”

Lib Dem Councillor Tom Hollis, who took the residents’ case to Nottingham County Council, described the situation as an accident waiting to happen.

He said: “It is a blind bend and suddenly you are into oncoming traffic. All it would take is for one person to be driving too fast around the bend to go straight into the path of a family in a car.

“There are hundreds of new houses being built in the estate and the road is getting ever busier.”

Double yellow lines would help push them further up the street away from the S bend,which would be safer.

Coun Hollis said enforcement officers had policed the area and had ticketed one vehicle for obstruction and put warnings on others, but the problem parking had returned.

The councillor said he hoped the lines would be in position by the end of the year. He added: “It is a long process but things are now in motion.”