VIDEO: ‘Gang’ graffiti tags Mansfield mayor’s house

Mayor of Mansfield, Tony Egginton, has labelled suspected gang members as ‘mindless’ after his house and car were left covered in graffiti.

Mr Egginton, who lives west of the town centre, came home to find red spray-painted slogans daubed across the front of his property and his Mercedes parked on his driveway.

A similar attack took place on the Mansfield Registration Office on Chesterfield Road South

Mr Egginton said: “It’s disturbing, you expect some things when you are in office, but not malicious damage of this nature.

“Whether it’s in my role as mayor or as chairman of the police panel, I don’t know.

“You accept in public life that you lose some of your privacy but to come home to this is awful.”

The attack on Mr Egginton’s home is thought to have happened at around 4am on Monday morning.

The culprits removed the top of a brick plinth on the corner of his driveway to gain access, rather than open his gates.

They then sprayed his car, his garage door and the wall next to his front door.

Words sprayed included ‘Sara’, ‘Cort case’, ‘Rule by law’ ‘Police’ and ‘ESG’, which is thought to stand for Eastside Gang, a known group in Mansfield.

“I got a call from a neighbour on Monday morning, it was a shock. It’s just mindless. Apparently people heard whoever it was arguing.

“They obviously make reference to some court case, but whether they think I’m responsible, I can only speculate.”

Staff at the registration office arrived at work on Monday morning to find the large oak double doors sprayed in the same red paint with the words ‘Stop family courts takin kids of parents’ (sic)

Spokesman Diane Smith said: “I have no idea why someone with a grievance like this should target our building because we have absolutely nothing to do with the courts or children except the birth registration of newborns.

“All this serves to do is cost local council tax payers a lot of money to sort out.”

The police say they are busy carrying out house to house enquiries and providing 
reassurance patrols for residents.

Anyone with any information about either incident is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.