TV-licence dodger taken into custody

Television Licence TV
Television Licence TV

A TV licence dodger appeared in court after failing to pay off his fines.

Tony David Hopewell, 50, of Victoria Street, Stanton Hill, was arrested and taken into custody before his appearance at Mansfield Magistrates‘ Court.

The court was told that he owed more than £630 in fines and costs from two charges of avoiding paying his TV licence from this year.

Flanked by a prison guard in the dock, he told the magistrates that he had money troubles, his partner had just left him and was facing losing his home.

He also said that he suffered from short-term memory loss and struggled to keep track of what he owed.

However, the magistrates took pity and reduced his fines so he only had to pay £530 in total.

He was told to set up a text message alert to pay off the fines in instalments to avoid further court action.

He was then released from custody.