Town-centre trouble down by 40%

NMAC11-0292-2''Mansfield Market Place
NMAC11-0292-2''Mansfield Market Place

Booze-fuelled trouble in Mansfield town centre has been cut by almost 40 per cent in recent weeks, a leading officer has revealed.

Operation Abridge, which sees a sergeant and six officers patrol the streets every weekend, has produced pleasing results for Inspector Neil Priestley.

The team works from 8pm to 5am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, keeping close communications with doorstaff, bar workers and pub landlords, as well as speaking with revellers as soon as they get into town.

Insp Priestley said: “We tackle early intervention, they get there early, speak with people who are out and about to try to prevent issues that might come up later in the night.

“We’ve had some really good results from this, there’s a good 40 per cent less violence-related problems.

“The idea is to provide reassurance for people.

“Its something we’re going to increase in the run up to Christmas.”

The impressive stats come off the back of Mansfield town centre being awarded the purple flag status for a second consecutive year, which recognises the high-quality management of a town centre on an evening.

As part of the criteria, the judges look at anti-social behaviour and the methods used to quell the potential for trouble.

Insp Priestley says the use of dispersal orders has been an enormous help, often to prevent trouble before it happens.

Offenders can be handed the orders and they are force to leave the town centre and not return for 48 hours.

“They are quite effective, every week we are issuing half a dozen or so,” added Insp Priestley.

“The idea is that if people are causing a few problems, had a bit too much to drink and getting carried away, it helps to stop what could lead to trouble later on.

“It’s not serious, and they can’t go to prison for it but we just want people to be able to come into Mansfield and enjoy themselves without the potential for trouble.”