Tibshelf teen vandalised parked car

A TIBSHELF teenager who vandalised a parked car in a fit of rage was netted thanks to an off-duty police segeant.

The officer was at home after midnight on 21st August when he heard a male outside shouting that he was going to assault someone.

He looked outside and saw youths trying to calm down Aaron Dewey without success.

Dewey, who looked drunk, then knocked a wing mirror off a Ford Mondeo with his right arm.

Uniformed police were alerted and the teenager ran off when he realised he was being followed by officers, but he was detained, Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“He said he had been in a pub in Tibshelf and drank three pints of lager with someone who had then assaulted him outside.

“He injured his arm striking the mirror. He said he didn’t intend to break it but he accepted his actions were reckless,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Dewey (19) of West View, Tibshelf, admitted damaging property. He had previously been cautioned by police for two similar offences and an assault.

The justices fined him £182, with £85 costs, and ordered him to pay £200 compensation to Mondeo owner Peter Ward.

“He was drinking with someone he knew who became agitated and assaulted him. He was angry because of this and he lashed out at the wing mirror. He had no gripe with the owner of the vehicle.” said Dewey’s solicitor, Julie Page.