Thoresby Market traders arrested after fake CDs seized

TWO traders have been arrested after a raid uncovered 3,400 fake CDs, computer games and software packages being sold at Thoresby Market.

The haul was uncovered by Trading Standards officers at the site near Ollerton on Sunday 23rd October.

Items also included music MP3s and copies of the Wii console Zumba game and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software being sold at a fraction of their retail value.

CDs containing copies of the top 100 albums for September - with a retail value of more than £1,000 - were on offer for just £5.

Officers said many of the items had poor quality, photocopied packaging with no printing on the discs.

Instead CDs had descriptions written on them in black marker pen.

It is thought the music, games and software was a combination of illegal downloads and copies.

The traders, both men from Sheffield and aged 26 and 36, were arrested in connection with the seizure.

They were questioned at Newark Police Station and have been released on Police bail until December, pending further enquiries.

Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards team manager Nicola Schofield said fake CDs and other products were still common despite the rise in pirate material online.

She urged people to be wary of fakes being offered as cheap presents in the run-up to Christmas.

“With a lot of fake products you don’t even know if they will work or not until you get them home,” she said.

“Buying counterfeits also funds criminality and takes jobs and money away from legitimate people operating in the industries.

“People might think they are just getting a bargain but they need to consider the wider implications.”

Said Coun Mick Murphy, the council’s cabinet member for community safety: “Counterfeit and copied goods are bad for legitimate businesses, bad for consumers and bad for the economy.

“This was a well co-ordinated operation between trading standards officers, assisted by police and is part of a campaign against the sale of a range of counterfeit goods.”

The 23rd October operation was the latest in a series targeting dodgy items being sold at markets, he added.

“This latest action should send out a clear message to all those trading counterfeit goods,” he said.

Those selling fakes face not only having stock seized but also the chance of a criminal prosecution and can even have assets like a house or car taken off them.

Thoresby Market is held every Sunday on the Thoresby Estate, adjacent to Clumber Park, off the A614.

Market operator Rhett Clayton, of County Road Markets, said: “We work as far as possible within the guidelines that Trading Standards provide us with.

“We are working with them to keep our eyes open and we always look to keep the market as clean as possible.

“We also always act if we are told something on sale is not meant to be sold.”