These are the latest crimes reported in the Mansfield area

Burglaries, criminal damage and theft are among the crimes to have been reported in the Mansfield area this week.

These are the crimes which were reported between noon on October 4 and noon on October 11.

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Berry Hill

Burglary: Between the hours of 4:30pm to 7:40pm on Friday, October 5, and jewellery was stolen from Nottingham Road, Mansfield.

Criminal Damage: An Audi TT was keyed down the driver’s side between 6pm on October 4, to 8am on October 5, at Kings Walk area in Mansfield.


Theft of/from a motor vehicle: Overnight between October 4, and 5, property was stolen from a caravan parked on Lambley Avenue, Mansfield.

Taxi driver reported non-payment after dropping customer off at Smith Street, Mansfield on October 8.

Known offender has taken card and cash from an account on October 8, at Birkland Street, Mansfield.

Criminal damage: Damage reported on October 9, was damage has been caused to sheds and greenhouses by a group over the last few evenings on land in Windsor Road, Mansfield.

Overnight between October 6, and 7, criminal damage was caused to a parked vehicle where a back light was damaged on Maltby Road, Mansfield.

Forest Town East

Burglary: Damage to conservatory door on October 8, on Newlands Road, Mansfield.

Burglary other than dwelling: On Wednesday, October 10, two males were seen in a garden attempting to gain entry to the shed on Clipstone Drive, Forest Town.

Theft: Wallet was stolen at the Whitesgates Hotel Public House, on October 4.

Grange Farm

Theft of/ from a motor vehicle: In Darlton Street, Mansfield a van was stolen between the hours of 7.30pm and 6.50am on October 8.

A car was broken into overnight on October 8, on Cottam Grove Mansfield. Believed the vehicle may have been left insecure.


Burglary: Property on Noels Street, Mansfield was broken into two males was seen running away from the address at 12:45pm on October 8.

Theft: Alcohol stolen from a public house in Stockwell Gate, Mansfield on October 5.

Criminal damage: Reported on October 9, between 3pm to 11pm on September 30, damage was caused to glass panel on a door.

Damage was caused to an industrial property on Botany Commercial Park, Mansfield. Tins of paint were thrown on walls and windows smashed.


Burglary other than dwelling: Between 7pm to 8pm on October 8, batteries were stolen from a building site on Southwell Road East, Mansfield

Overnight between October 7, and 8, there was a report of a stolen microwave, tables and fridge on a building site at Sherwood Way East, Mansfield.

Theft other: Bike was stolen from a garden between noon and 7.30pm on October 10, from the Southwell Road East Area.

Criminal damage: A unit on Sherwood Oaks Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield had a vehicle damaged overnight and was reported to police on October 4.

Oak Tree

Burglary: October 4, items were stolen from inside a property on Findern Court, Mansfield during the day time at around 1pm.

Overnight on October 8, report of a front door damaged at Oak Tree Lane, Mansfield. No entry gained to the property.

Theft other: Report of milk stolen from doorstep on October 7, at Elvaston Court, Mansfield. Other related stories:

Criminal damage: Thursday, October 4, damage was caused to a letterbox by a group of children on Elvaston Court Mansfield at 7 pm.

Damage reported of a window of vehicle smashed between 4pm on October 6, to 7:50am on October 7, on Hucklow Court, Mansfield.

Pleasley Hill/Bull Farm

Burglary other than dwelling: Newsagents has been burgled on Chesterfield Road, Mansfield in the early hours on October 10.

Theft of/ From Motor vehicle: Number plate stolen from a vehicle on Bagshaw Street, Mansfield on October 10.


Burglary: Overnight between October 8, to October 9, report of window being tampered to on Broxtowe Drive, Mansfield.

Burglary other than dwelling: Café broken into at Mansfield Community Hospital early hours on October 7.

Theft Other: Report of bank card stolen and used on October 2. Reported to the police on October 4, after finding that person had been using it without their knowledge.

Phone stolen on October 6, at Store, Mansfield after a customer placed the phone down while withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Theft from a motor vehicle: Phone stolen on October 6, at Store, Mansfield.

Criminal damage: Damage to vehicle window on October 4, car was parked on road of Titchfield Park, Mansfield.

Damage was caused to the window on a restaurant on Nottingham Road, Mansfield happened between 9.30pm on October 5, and 7am on October 6.

A door and cash point at a store on Nottingham Road, Mansfield had graffiti damage. It happened just after midnight on October 9.


Burglary other than dwelling: A break in on Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate on October 6, in the early hours of the morning. Large amount of items were stolen from within

Criminal damage: Damage was caused to a door in September, on Parkers Lane Mansfield woodhouse. It was reported to the police on October 9.


Burglary: Report of house broken into on October 6, on Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield.

Criminal damage: Report of house broken into and trashed on October 7, on Ravensdale Road, Mansfield it is believed that there is a known offender.

Door handle has been removed from overnight on October 10, on Gladstone Street Mansfield.

Walls have been damaged at a property on Hibbert Road on October 8, person is known to the home owner.


Burglary other than dwelling: Group seen trying to break into the garage on Lindley Street, Mansfield on October 7.

Criminal damage: Report of damage to parked vehicle on October 5, at a council car park on Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield. Car door has been damaged and scratched, during daylight hours

Damage reported on October 8, a group of people spray-painted bins, railings, windows and camera on St Johns Church Hall, Mansfield.

Vandalism of stone wall reported on October 10, on Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield.

Theft: Bike stolen outside Tesco on Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield on October 9, at around 4.30 pm

Town Centre

Theft: Between 8:30am to 12:15pm on October 4, parts of a bike were stolen including handle bars, seat and back wheel. Bike was outside Mansfield Train Station.

Criminal damage: Vehicle had damaged caused to a wing mirror while in a car park on Clumber Street Mansfield on October 7.

Report of tenant damaging premises on Union Street, Mansfield on October 8.

Damage to shop in the Town Centre on October 8, after a dispute over a sale.

October 9, damage has been caused to industrial bin after it has been set on fire behind the Heart Foundation store in the town.

Criminal damage was caused in a hotel room on October 10, guests were asked to leave.

Damage to shop in the Town Centre.

Warsop Birklands

Criminal Damage: Criminal damage has been reported to the police on October 10. Damage caused in the address on Church Street.

If you have any information relating to the above criminal activity e.g. did you or anyone you know witness one of the incidents? Do you know the person (s) responsible is? Have you noticed any suspicious activity prior to any incident? Or do you have any CCTV footage that may be of any help?

If so, contact the Nottinghamshire Police Safer neighbourhood team on