Test purchase operation finds Ashfield off licences selling alcohol to under-18s

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An operation in Ashfield which aims to crack down on the amount of alcohol sold illegally has found that a number of off licences regularly sell to people underage.

The operation was conducted in July 2018 as part of the Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Selston Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP).

During this operation several off licenses across Ashfield failed to check for identification in relation to age.

On October 5 Rasaiah Giritharan, 46, of Sutton Road in Huthwaite attended Mansfield Magistrates Court in relation to this.

He was found guilty of selling alcohol to a person aged under 18 and fined £500 as well as being ordered to pay £85 in costs. A further two people were cautioned.

Martin Severn, leading sergeant of the Huthwaite and Sutton CAP, said: “We have been working hard as a group to promote a responsible ethos towards the sale of alcohol and reduce the amount of irresponsible underage drinking and associated anti-social behaviour.

“We have supported retailers by providing training and advice but where they are not being responsible there has to be a consequence and this case is a good example of that.”