Teachers give evidence at Amber Peat inquest

The inquest into Amber Peat continued this morning at Nottingham with her former teachers and head teacher giving evidence .

Keely Vardy was a teacher at Town End Junior School in Tibshelf, Derbyshire when Amber arrived aged 11 in April 2013.

Amber Peat.

Amber Peat.

She said Amber and a sibling had arrived "quite quickly", leaving her previous school abruptly.

She had seemed quite sullen at first, on her first day.

In a lesson she had said her she had "nothing happy to write about," but eventually wrote about going for tea with her grandmother.

"Amber had a lot of potential, she shone in reading," she told the inquest.

Amber Peat's inquest opens

She had been excited by the forthcoming wedding of her mother and step father, and wearing a nice dress. She was concerned it may affect her SATS.

She had formed friendships, though there had been problems with girls in her class.

Her mother Kelly and step father were married on the Friday the same week she was due to take her SATs exams, but as there had been no exam on that day she was allowed the day off.

Giving evidence Beverley Wilson headteacher at the time, said Amber and a sibling had arrived at the school practically within a few days of the request from their parents which was unusual.

She said there had been an absence of any information about Amber from her previous school.

The headteacher said she often had to stay back late at school with Amber and her sibling , waiting for an adult to pick them up.

She said: "Amber was sullen. She had her back against the wall and put her hand against her head. She was fed up basically."

The inquest continues.