Sutton woman’s police rape hell

Michelle Noble who is fighting for justice after being raped by a police officer as a child.
Michelle Noble who is fighting for justice after being raped by a police officer as a child.

A brave Sutton woman has spoken of how she was raped by a Nottinghamshire Police officer more than 30 years ago, in the hope that other victims will come forward.

Michelle Noble (47) has waived her legal right to anonymity in order to talk openly about the horrific events that she experienced as a vulnerable 14-year-old.

She told how she was attacked by the policeman while alone in her own home and although the officer was forced to resign for the crime, the force did not pursue a prosecution in court.

After suffering years of trauma as a result of what she went through, Michelle has decided to speak out about what happened as she looks for justice for herself and other sexual abuse victims.

Michelle said: “I am trying to send a message out to perpetrators and victims.

“My message to perpetrators is that they will not get away with it and I hope other people will get to a place where they can stand up and fight for themselves.

“For victims, I am just trying to say, normally nobody ever shows their face - but why should I hide my face?

“I have done that for years and I am at a point now where I don’t think I should.

“I have done nothing wrong.

“From that point when something happens to you, whatever they do to you, you feel shame and guilt.

“It’s like they pass on their shame and guilt and you carry what’s not yours to carry and I am giving it back - it is not mine.”

Michelle has recently contacted Nottinghamshire Police in a bid to get her case reopened, but has been told that this is not possible as there is no new evidence and the original paperwork has been destroyed.

The force has however said that officers will be meeting with the Crown Prosecution Service ‘to discuss the matter of a review further’.

Det Supt Jackie Alexander, head of the force’s Professional Standards Directorate, said: “In cases such as these we can, together with the CPS, review whether decisions made at that time were justified - but when there is no new evidence to take into account, and when the original evidence and paperwork in respect of a case and the decisions made are no longer available to us, then it can be very difficult to determine whether that decision was correct or not.”

But Det Supt Alexander said that she would like to reassure the public that the force takes such allegations ‘seriously’ and will conduct ‘thorough and transparent investigations’.

“This approach is the same regardless of how long ago an incident may have occurred,” she added.

Michelle then turned to Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero for support and her office is assisting Michelle with her case.

Gloria said: “Michelle Noble’s bravery is humbling and I hope that she will now get the answers that she’s waited for, for far too many years.

“Time does not diminish the horror of such a serious crime and Michelle deserves justice.

“I think the case should be re-opened and I urge anyone who has any information which may help Michelle to get justice to contact Nottinghamshire Police or my office if they would prefer to do so.”