Sutton teen admitted possessing drugs and a knife in a public place

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A homeless Sutton teenager found with 11 bags of cannabis and a lock knife outside a shopping centre told a court he smoked the drug every day to escape from his chaotic lifestyle.

Kyle Riley, 18 pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to possessing cannabis resin and a knife blade in a public place.

Magistrates heard police officers on patrol were made aware of a group of people outside the Idlewells Shopping Centre in Sutton on 4th June.

They approached Riley and asked if he had any drugs on him. He replied that he had and pulled out a bag of the class B drug.

A further search revealed 11 bags of cannabis and a lock knife with a four inch blade.

Riley was taken to Mansfield Police Station where he told officers he had just bought the cannabis for £90.

He said it was for his own use and that he smoked it every day to take him away from his problems. He admitted having smoked the drug for 6 years.

He was having to sleep rough and said he used the lock knife to open up tins of food.

He had nowhere else to keep the knife other than on his person.

The court heard there was nothing to suggest that the drugs were for anything other than his own personal use.

Riley had no previous convictions or cautions on his record.

Chris Lacey defending said his client’s life was in a mess after he had lost his accommodation.

He was living a day to day existence, sleeping rough and had nowhere to go.

He had lost his previous job because he had nowhere to clean his work uniform.

Magistrates deferred his sentence for one month.