Sutton shoplifter stole £350 pair of headphones

A SUTTON shoplifter was arrested when he returned to a store and committed an identical theft.

Luke Wadsley (21) stole a £350 pair of headphones from HMV in Chesterfield on 17th January.

He went back there two days later and stole another pair of Beats Pro headphones - but this time he was recognised and arrested.

“He was captured on CCTV on both occasions but the first time he managed to get out of the shop with the stolen item.

“When he went back he was recognised and confronted about the thefts,” Rosemary Lake, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield on Monday

She added: “He was with someone else who he refused to name and he would not comment on any questions asked by police.”

Wadsley, of Sherwood Road, Sutton, admitted both thefts.

Presiding magistrate Peter Greaves sent the case to Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, where Wadsley is due to appear on Friday in connection with other offences.

His solicitor, Chris Perry, said he faced two similar offences at Mansfield that were also admitted.

Bail was granted until the Friday hearing on condition Wadsley did not enter retail premises in Derbyshire.