Sutton schoolgirl subjected to sickening bullying ordeal

Internet bullying/ cyber bullying/ website/hate/Facebook
Internet bullying/ cyber bullying/ website/hate/Facebook

A Sutton school has reported pupils to the police after a schoolgirl was allegedly subjected to subjected to a sickening bullying ordeal over at least four years.

A group of pupils at Sutton Community Academy are alleged to have taunted a girl about her dead father using social media and by passing round printed pictures of a distressing nature.

The school says it has a zero tolerance to bullying and has passed the matter to the Police as well as speaking to the pupils concerned.

The girl’s mother who did not want to be identified, told the Chad that her daughter had been bullied by a group of about eight pupils since the death of her father in 2010.

She said: “My daughter is very upset and the bullying got so bad we ended up having to take her out of the school. She had six months off last year.

“When she went back the bullying started all over again.

“They printed out pictures that were very upsetting to her and posted horrible things on Facebook.

“She used to go ice skating on Friday nights but we had to stop that because the same people were picking on her there.

“She went to the park recently and a girl threatened to pin her down and stamp on her head. It is disgusting, they just won’t leaver her alone, she is being threatened every day.”

Principal of Sutton Community Academy, Simon Martin said the school had only been aware of the problem for two days.

He said: “As soon as I became aware of it I spoke to the girl’s mother immediately. We have seen the family and parents over the past few days and it appears this is all happening out of school on social media and at the rec at Sutton where pupils congregate in the evenings.

“We take this very seriously and have passed the matter on to the community police officer, as well as dealing with it in school and speaking to the pupils concerned.”

He said he had found no evidence of printed pictures being passed on at the school.

Mr Martin added: “We have had no information about this at all. We have a zero tolerance approach to any bullying.

“Our record on bullying is very good.

“We do extensive work on bullying and how pupils should conduct themselves on social media.

“We have a god relationship with the community police and if we think anything untoward is happening we advise them of it.”