Sutton man punched man in face in revenge for sex assault

A 50-YEAR-OLD Sutton man punched a man in the face for a sexual assault years earlier on a woman, a court heard.

Paul Whalley, of Alfreton Road, confronted the victim as he returned home from the shops.

The blow knocked the man back causing him to drop his shopping, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Whalley pleaded guilty to common assault, which took place on 28th January this year.

The court heard the victim had been sentenced in 2005 for the indecent assault.

Whalley had been given a community order by the magistrates in June last year and had also been fined in the past for shoplifting.

Judge Jonathan Teare said he could understand the reasoning behind Whalley’s aggression but it was ‘entirely misplaced.’

The judge added: “When someone commits an offence the court deals with them.”

The judge said he treated the punch as a drunken assault. The sentence was an 18-month community order.